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Theme Features

No need to understand programming code

This theme provides you with customization options without looking at any programming code! The theme design editor allows you to customize many features to achieve the look you want.

Features include:

1. Colour options for font, links, backgrounds and buttons.
2. Font style (you can even make all uppercase).
3. Google Fonts Integration 
4. Background image (with image options)
5. Social media integration 
6. Carousel (make it slide or fade, add captions and links)
7. Home page option to add additional image for promotionals (Ad space)
8. Left menu in result page (choose to have a left menu or not)
9. Left menu ad space (great spot to feature some products with a banner ad)

Detailed instructions

We have provided you with detailed instructions to help you get the most out of our theme. Click here to get help.